Military Families Are Set To Lose Childcare Benefits, Thank You Donald Trump!

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During the campaign of 2016 which pitted Donald Trump against Sec. Hillary Clinton, Trump vowed to be of service to the American people. One of his bedrock positions was that of ensuring members of the military who serve the United States would have all of the resources they require. However, Trump’s rhetoric has proved to be entirely different from what he actually puts into practice. Now that Trump is in office, he continues to make behind-the-curtain deals which exposes his campaign promises to be nothing but lies meant to pull at the heartstrings of his gullible supporters. In Trump’s first days in office, he issued an order that disallowed the hiring of new government officials. Trump claimed doing this would help to curtail the massive deficit and debt which has plagued the United States, but his policies are having an adverse and unexpected impact on the children of military members.

According to, two different Army bases have been forced to suspend their child care programs as they do not have the ability to hire new individuals. They, in part, wrote:

In Fort Knox, Kentucky, officials notified families last week that effective immediately, no new children would be enrolled in the base’s Child Development Center. The center is also cutting off hourly and part-time care, including pre-school programs, until further notice. That leaves child care available only to those who are enrolled full-time already. The notice attributed the changes directly to Trump’s hiring freeze, noting that staff turnover and illnesses have created vacancies that the base is now prevented from filling.

What are military members to do while serving their country if they cannot have their children care for? Is this something which Trump considered? And how will he make it up to the military members whose lives he is impacting?

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