Michael Moore SLAMS Donald Trump, Calls For Trump’s Impeachment For TREASON!

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The chaos inside the administration of President Donald Trump is surely lighting the fires of political observers around the globe regarding the recent resignation of former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn. Trump went to great lengths to ensure that Flynn would be confirmed, and that has all blown up in his face now that it has been revealed that Flynn was committing treasonous acts by colluding with the Russian government about impending sanctions. Flynn violated the Logan Act, of which is unfortunately clear, and he deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. However, legendary Hollywood filmmaker and activist Michael Moore believes there is more to the story than just Flynn working with Russia. He believes that more members of the administration, including Trump himself, were also involved in the villainy.

Moore took to Twitter to express his outrage that Flynn was not acting alone. His tweet said:

There is little room for Trump and his team to maneuver now that Flynn has been disgraced in public. Trump will likely ask Flynn to fall upon his sword and to take all of the blame to protect the administration, but there is no evidence that Flynn with take that tact. Even if Flynn does make such an attempt he will now face severe scrutiny from not only members of the United States Congress, but the various intelligence agencies in the country as well. If that happens and Flynn is caught lying he may find himself inside the cold bars of a prison cell.

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