Michael Moore Makes TERRIFYING Prediction About Donald Trump, This Is Why We Must Stop Trump NOW!

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Hollywood filmmaker and activist Michael Moore has been one of the loudest critics of President Donald Trump, and he has been warning of Trump’s villainy for over a year. Moore even predicted that Trump was going to win the election, but few heeded his words. Now that Trump is in the seat of ultimate power, Moore continues to awaken the minds of American citizens who seem to be obliviously unaware of what is happening to their country under their very noses. During a recent interview Moore gave an ominous statement that should give all Americans chills to their very core.

Moore was a guest on CNN with Don Lemon when he said that Trump’s supporters are blinded by him, “When he says he believes he could shoot somebody in the head and get away with it, he’s proven he can do that over and over again.” Moore went on to explain that Trump’s adviser, Steve Bannon, is influencing Trump to dismantle full areas of the government:

As Steve Bannon said today, to deconstruct, which is a nice way of saying demolish, demolition, that’s what they’re there for.

After the election Trump said that he would not continue on with his plan to have Hillary Clinton prosecuted for the crimes Trump has conjured in his mind. Now that appears uncertain, according to Moore:

He’s going to do everything he said they were going to do and next week Jason Chaffetz and them are going to go after Hillary’s server thing again next week. Again. Because that whole ‘lock her up’ thing, they’re not done with that.

Watch the comments by Moore below:

Do you think Trump will push for Hillary’s prosecution over the e-mail server controversy? Comment below and let us know.

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