Melissa McCarthy Is BACK, This Skit Is The FUNNIEST OF ALL TIME, Trump Is Going To EXPLODE!

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Melissa McCarthy made a return visit to “Saturday Night Live,” playing White House press secretary Sean Spicer in the show’s cold open.

“I’m calm now,” McCarthy’s Spicer assured the crowd in the press room set before erupting with anger. The sketch was filled with references to the events from the past week and included a brief appearance by “SNL” trouper Kate McKinnon as newly confirmed Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“There’s two kinds of crime — regular and black,” McKinnon said.

Just like with last week’s sketch, the SNL version of Spicer dug into his big boxes of props as a means of communicating with the dishonest media, who McCarthy shouts out as being, “dumb babies.” One of the recurring bits in the cold open played on the real life-Spicer’s controversy surrounding his insistence that the city of Atlanta has been a hotbed of radical Islamism.

At one point, Spicer ups the ante off of a bit from last week’s sketch, pulling out a leaf blower to hit one of the journalists with in the room asking tough questions. “THAT WAS ME BLOWING AWAY THEIR DISHONESTY!” the press secretary shouts.


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