Melania Trump Sends RIDICULOUS Tweet, This Woman Is CLUELESS!

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President Donald Trump has built his political name upon spreading vile hatred, racism, bigotry, division, and fear to all who are willing to listen to his nonsensical diatribes. Because of how he presents himself Trump has been rightfully vilified in the media. Not fit to be the only Trump in the crosshairs of media personalities Trump’s wife, Melania, has also received harsh treatment. During Trump’s inauguration, Melania was noticeably displeased with the process and was barely able to crack a smile. Many on the internet have speculated that Melania has no interest in being First Lady. With a recent visit to the White House by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the internet once again finds itself in a tizzy over an image which Melania Trump shared via Twitter.

The image itself appears innocuous as it shows Melania Trump with Netanyahu’s wife, Sarah, sitting and having an apparent dialogue:

The issue is with Melania Trump’s use of the hashtag #PowerOfTheFirstLady, as Melania has proved herself to be a person who is anything but empowered. As the First Lady of the United States, Melania is supposed to set herself as an example for all other women to follow, but she has done anything but that. Due to her being silenced by Trump and her refusal to speak out about her husband’s villainy, Melania Trump has shown she is simply an enabler of her husband’s despicable behavior.

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