Martin Luther Kings’s Daughter Just Gave The Keys To Destroying Donald Trump

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The black community has been at odds with President Donald Trump ever since he was a candidate. Trump has made it a point to say the “inner cities” (which is code for black people) have gotten out of control and that he intends to restore law and order. How Trump plans to do this, beyond sending in large amounts of police officers, is the guess of any person. However, the civil rights of Americans will not be trampled upon as long as the daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is still alive. Bernice King took to Facebook to offer her explanation how to be a thorn in Trump’s side until the last day he is in office.

Using her Facebook page which is titled “Be A King” Bernice King wrote:

  1. Don’t use his name; EVER (45 will do)
  2. Remember this is a regime and he’s not acting alone;
  3. Do not argue with those who support him–it doesn’t work;
  4. Focus on his policies, not his orange-ness and mental state;
  5. Keep your message positive; they want the country to be angry and fearful because this is the soil from which their darkest policies will grow;
  6. No more helpless/hopeless talk;
  7. Support artists and the arts;
  8. Be careful not to spread fake news. Check it;
  9. Take care of yourselves; and
  10. Resist!

The individuals lining up to oppose Trump at every turn is surely longer than the individuals who are lining up to support him and his ugly, hateful, racist policies. Now the resistance can count the embodiment of the civil rights era amongst their ranks.


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