Kellyanne Conway Speaks At CPAC, Says Women Are INTIMIDATED By Her, TAUNTS Hillary Clinton

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Kellyanne Conway attended the conservative conference CPAC, and during a talk she decided to needle progressive women who participated in protest marches the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, arguing that their message was one of “negativity.”

“It turns out that a lot of women just have a problem with women in power. It’s constantly talking about what women look like and wear or making fun of their choices or presuming that they are not as powerful as the men around them. This presumptive negativity about women in power is very unfortunate because let’s try to access that and have a conversation about it instead of a confrontation.”

Conway, the first woman to run a successful Republican presidential campaign, kicked off the Conservative Political Action Committee’s annual confab to a standing ovation. She was the first representative of the campaign to speak at CPAC, which Trump skipped in 2016.

She pushed back against the frame of modern feminism as “anti-male” and “pro-abortion,” labeling “conservative feminism” as looking at yourself as a “product of my choices, not a victim of my circumstances.”

Praising Trump’s willingness to help her balance her work and the time she needs to raise her young children, Conway joked that CPAC should be called “TPAC” because of Trump’s rise.

And she briefly taunted Hillary Clinton while arguing for women to aim high.

“I will tell my three daughters, your daughters or you, that the job of first female president of the United States remains open, so go for it,” she said.

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