Kellyanne Conway Just Retweeted A White Supremacist, She’s LOSING IT Because Her Head Is On The CHOPPING BLOCK

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The administration of President Donald Trump is having a brutal time attempting to put out the many fires they seem to be unintentionally causing with all of their ineptitude. However, Trump’s senior adviser Kellyanne Conway finds herself once again in the crossfires of media scrutiny after it was discovered that she told a neo-nazi that she loved them. Conway has said the comment is blown out of proportion, but the words stand upon their own merit. Conway has disgraced herself and her country.

The comments from Conway came on Twitter late February 13th after a grueling evening of attempting to save face over the resignation of disgraced former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn. Conway wrote, “Love you back” to Twitter user “Lib Hypocrisy” without knowing that the user has been a long time promoter of nazi rhetoric and a variety of other bigoted propaganda. Was Conway aware that Lib Hypocrisy had used hashtags such as “#WhiteIdentity”?

Rather than take responsibility for her mistake Conway said that her Twitter account had been taken over by an unknown hacker, and that “I denounce whoever it is.” Right, because if an individual had hacked Conway’s account they’d of responded to a single Twitter user rather than making a post on the account, or doing something much more high profile. For Conway to expect the world to believe she was hacked is absolutely bizarre, but it simply goes to show how gullible she believes consumers of media to be. Do not buy into her snake oil tactics.

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