Kellyanne Conway As Glenn Close In “Fatal Attraction” On SNL Is The BEST THING YOU’LL SEE ALL DAY!

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Saturday Night Live has taken many different routes in portraying Donald Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway. Starting out as an unwilling accomplice to the Trump administration, she then changed to someone just looking for a day off before busting out a musical number about how awesome she is. All of them pale in comparison to the dark, psychotic version that the show gave us this week.

“I just want to be a part of the news, Jake,” she says after she breaks into Jake Tapper’s home when the CNN anchor refuses to book Conway due to her credibility issues. “What was I supposed to do?” she said, after forcing herself onto the State Of The Union host.

“You’re sick, Kellyanne!” Tapper says in his desperate defense. He offers other CNN programming opportunities for her to appear on.

“Fareed Zakaria?! I have an office in the White House!” she says, before asking if she is deserving of the same pity bookings that Kayleigh McEnany gets.

An exhausted Tapper finally says, “You’re a monster!” before she falls backwards out of a window in the dark and twisting sketch.


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