White House FIRES A National Security Council Aide Because He Criticized Donald Trump

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The inability of President Donald Trump to sustain any form of criticism is legendary. Trump regularly blows up on members of the media for having the audacity to question his decision or to show him in a negative light. This behavior was one of the main driving forces behind Sec. Hillary Clinton’s questioning of Trump’s mental fitness to be the next president and we can now see how right she was. Trump often resembles a child crying in a sandbox rather than the most powerful and influential man in the world. Now a new story has come to light which further exposes Trump’s childish antics after a member of his National Security Council team was abruptly fired for having the gall to speak out against his decision making.

Politico broke the news of how Craig Dear, an aide to the National Security Council’s senior director for Western Hemisphere Affairs, criticized Trump behind closed doors. The comments came at the Woodrow Wilson Center where numerous political scholars were present. Apparently Dear was talking about the dysfunction in the White House and how Trump’s adviser, Steven Bannon, was the cause of most of it. That point may be debatable as nobody out dysfunctions Trump.

After Dear’s comments were learned by Trump he was fired and has not publicly commented on the matter. However, it does not take a Sherlock Holmes-like detective to put the pieces together to understand what happened. Trump only surrounds himself with individuals who agree with his every move and anybody else is expendable.

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