Jon Stewart Is BACK, And He Absolutely DESTROYS Donald Trump In Every Way!

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Many people really missed Jon Stewart, and missed his quick wit during the nightmare that has been Donald Trump.

But, he’s back…albeit breifly.

Stewart makes his way back behind the desk with Stephen Colbert to vent some frustrations about Donald Trump. It would seem that Stewart knows exactly when Trump is lying to the public and he shares his method with the audience. Whenever Trump says, “believe me,” to the audience or on television, he’s spreading “bullsh*t” according to the former Daily Show host.

From there, he moves on to speaking directly to the media and how the president has broken up with them. For him, it’s a blessing in disguise and a moment for the media to get their groove back. It’s some classic Jon Stewart trying to hold a mirror up to the media in an attempt to make them better, something it seems they’re realizing now with the Trump administration.

A Jon Stewart appearance is always going to be worth the watch. It’s a nice little refresh from the other voices that are clogging late night.

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