John McCain’s Daughter Just EXPLODED On Twitter Over Trump’s COWARDICE, Stand Up And CHEER!

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The feud between American hero, Sen. John McCain, and American disgrace, President Donald Trump, has been playing out in the media for months. Trump says that McCain is not a real war hero because McCain was captured during the Vietnam war, where he was then tortured for years. Trump, of course, has never served in the military. Now McCain’s daughter, Meghan, has launched her own verbal tirade against Trump and his surrogates for having the gall to question her father’s military record.

The trouble began when Meghan McCain responded to an individual named Carl Higbie, a crackpot right wing commentator whose only success has been getting defeated during his lone congressional run years ago. McCain tweeted to him:

However the fireworks did not stop there. McCain continued to tweet:

Republican infighting has reached a fever pitch now as they civil war amongst the party continues to rage. On one side you have individuals like McCain who are in favor of ugly Republican policies, but believe Trump is a lunatic. On the other side are those who are loyal to Trump, likely for financial reasons, who are willing to throw any Republican who does not agree with them under the bus. It is quite clear where Mr. Higbie’s financial interests lay and his commentary should be taken as nothing more than something which was bellowed from a bought and paid for shill.

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