Joe Biden’s Daughter Just One-Upped Ivanka Trump In The BEST WAY EVER! [DETAILS]

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The contrast between the daughter of President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden could not be more stark, and the daughters certainly represent the ways in which their respective fathers raised them to be adults. Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, is a ruthless business woman who is willing to do or say anything to turn a buck. Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley, is also a business woman but she donates the profits she earns to charity. Not only that but Ashley Biden’s products are actually made in the United States.

Ashley Biden’s brand, “Livelihood” is available only online at the website “Gilt” which is a known philanthropic organization. Biden says all of the proceeds from her sales will go back to local communities beginning in Delaware. Biden said, “I want a janitor, a school teacher, the local pastor, whomever is involved in the community to sit at the table and to pick the projects for economic development.”

In former Vice President Joe Biden’s first time appearing in public since leaving office he said of his daughter’s business:

My daughter Ashley’s commitment to public service, her commitment to trying to change the world for the better, is more intense than even mine has been.

Now that Biden is no longer the vice president he and his family have more latitude to service the public than Trump and his family. One hopes to see more philanthropy from the Biden family in the future.

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