Joe Biden Announces His Post Vice-Presidency Plans, And Donald Trump Will NOT BE HAPPY!

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After serving 8 years under the hot lights of public scrutiny one might think former Vice President Joe Biden would like to retire to a quiet life. Biden, however, has surprised the world with an announcement about what he will be doing now that he is no longer working in Washington.

Biden announced the creation of “The Biden Foundation” whose stated purpose is to help identify policies that can help advance the lives of everyday American citizens. The foundation website says:

The Biden Foundation will build upon Vice President and Dr. Biden’s lifelong commitment to protect and advance the rights and opportunities of all people through educational programming and public policy analysis.

The beloved former vice president took to Twitter to share the news:

If President Donald Trump had hoped Biden would stay silent during his administration, those hopes have been all but dashed. Instead Biden will be a continual thorn in Trump’s side the entire time he remains in office. With so few champions left on the side of Democrats it is welcome news to see Biden continuing to fight the good fight.

Watch the Biden Foundation video below:

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