Jimmy Fallon Brings Back His Trump Impersonation, DESTROYS Trump’s Crazy Press Conference

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Thursday night, as late-night shredded Donald Trump with jokes about his latest press conference, Jimmy Fallon got in on the action in his own way: by resurrecting his Trump impression once more. And even Fallon, who has been more moderate in his critiques of Trump than most of his competitors, used the word “crazy” to describe the insane presser.

“Buckle up,” Fallon said in character, smirking into the camera. “Because I’m coming in hot. This is going to be a crazy one. Daddy came to play.”

Fallon’s Trump impersonation seems very happy with the progress his administration has made so far. As he put it:

“We’ve made so much progress; in fact, if you ask any American, they’ll say that I’ve managed to make the last four weeks feel like four years. Four more weeks! Four more weeks! Four more weeks!”

Throughout the two-minute cold open Fallon mocked Trump’s press conference—his puzzling responses to questions about Mike Flynn; his insistence that he “inherited a mess”; and his re-characterization of CNN.

In mocking Trump’s war on CNN, Fallon also managed to ding Fox News:

“I’m now calling it ‘faux news’. Much classier, if you think about it. Very classy. Spelled F-A-U-X. And it’s not pronounced ‘Fox.’ Even though I love Fox. It’s the best network. Faux and Friends is my favorite show on Faux.”


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