Ivanka Trump Scolds Kellyanne Conway For Trying To Promote Her Brand, UNREAL!

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President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager and now senior adviser, Kellyanne Conway, has been embarrassing herself in the national media for months. She found herself embroiled in ridicule after she was caught concocting a fake shooting incident which she dubbed the “Bowling Green Massacre.” Rather than take a step back Conway leapt head first into another scandal by promoting the retail goods of Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, on national television. This was off of the Trump team’s script and Ivanka Trump was not pleased to be unwittingly drug into controversy. After it happened Ivanka took Conway out to the woodshed for her effrontery.

Behind closed doors Trump and Ivanka had agreed to leave her business away from politics, but this was a conversation of which Conway was unaware. According to Politico the following unfolded after Conway’s comments about Ivanka’s products:

A source close to Trump said that his daughter scolded Conway for dragging her brand into an ethics mess and told her not to mention it again on TV.

In Conway’s attempts to do a favor she may find herself boxed out in the future, as Ivanka Trump is equally as hardheaded as her father. There would be no qualms on her part about having Conway removed from the administration and replaced with an individual who is able to comply with the family’s wishes.

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