Trump’s Approval Ratings Are In, And He’s A GIANT LOSER! Expect Twitter Rampage Shortly…

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Donald Trump has the HIGHEST disapproval rating of any new president ever polled, according to a new survey.

A majority of respondents, 53%, disapprove of how Trump is handling his job in the CNN/ORC International poll released Friday, while 44% approve.

CNN reported that Trump is the only president to hold a net negative rating this early in a presidency. However, the vast majority of respondents, 78%, say Trump is handling the presidency as they would have expected.

The network compared Trump’s ratings to past presidents, noting that Ronald Reagan’s first approval rating measured at 51% from Gallup in 1981 — 7 points above Trump’s rating in the CNN poll — but Reagan’s disapproval number was far lower than Trump’s at just 13%, compared to Trump’s 53%.

George W. Bush, the last president to be elected without winning the popular vote, also held a more positive approval rating at 57% in February of his first year in office.

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