The White House Planted Fake Story About Media Members To Discredit Them

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The tensions between the media and the administration of President Donald Trump are greater than any time in  modern history of the United States. Trump has taken to attacking media outlets for publishing and producing “fake news”, but now it appears that other media outlets are taking the lead from Trump by publishing literal fake news stories to discredit those same media sources.

During a press briefing, White House press secretary Sean Spicer was speaking about the disastrous military raid in Yemen which cost the life of a Navy SEAL. Spicer was asked a question by Politico reporter Alex Isenstadt about the source of a White House leak, to which Spicer answered. The entire interaction was fairly innocuous, but then the Washington Examiner, a right wing media source, published a fabricated story of Isenstadt allegedly laughing about the dead Navy SEAL. They, in part, wrote:

Unsaid, according to White House officials, is that Isenstadt appeared dismissive and laughed at Spicer’s answer.

“He started laughing about that SEAL,” said one informed official, also upset at Politico’s “insulting” description of Ditto in the story as a “more junior spokesperson.”

One should note that the official who made this observation was not named, because the scenario never happened. Isenstadt did laugh, but only at Spicer’s attitude toward the question itself, and he was certainly not laughing about the subject matter. This attempt by the conservative media to antagonize members of media organizations which Trump has described as the “enemy of the people” is nothing but a cheap ploy and the tactic will surely fail.

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