The White House Just Caught In HUGE LIE, We Cannot Let This Slide!

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Donald Trump lies, and his people lie for him…this we know, and sadly, many accept.

But that must stop.

Today at the Daily Press Briefing, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer discussed Ohio Gov. John Kasich coming to the White House to meet with Trump, a meeting Spicer asserted was “repeatedly” requested by Kasich.

This is a lie.

Kasich did not repeatedly request to meet with Trump, according to his spokesman John Weaver. Trump did.

[email protected] respects office of the President & is happy to meet with Trump at the president’s repeated requests. #TwoPaths,” spokesman John Weaver wrote on Twitter following Tuesday’s press briefing.

Spicer said:

“Now that he is president … he understands that he’s the president for every American and he’s talked consistently about having a united country. You do that by bringing people together whether or not they agree with you on every issue or on one or two,” he continued. “But if there’s common ground that can be found to move the country forward, then great.”

Kasich was Trump’s final challenger for the Republican nomination and frequently criticized Trump throughout his campaign.

Weaver also tweeted the claim on Monday evening in response to stories about Kasich and the president meeting this Friday.

To one man who questioned why Kasich would meet with Trump, Weaver responded, “because the president asked.”

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