Donald Trump Just Called Sen. John McCain A LOSER On Twitter, The Internet Is FIRING BACK And DESTROYING Trump

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Thursday morning Donald Trump tore into Sen. John McCain on Twitter, saying McCain’s concerns with a raid that resulted in the death of a Navy SEAL “emboldens the enemy.”

“Sen. McCain should not be talking about the success or failure of a mission to the media. Only emboldens the enemy!” Trump tweeted.

“He’s been losing so … long he doesn’t know how to win anymore, just look at the mess our country is in — bogged down in conflict all over the place. Our hero … Ryan died on a winning mission (according to General Mattis), not a ‘failure.’ Time for the U.S. to get smart and start winning again!” he added.

John McCain is not a loser. I don’t love the guy, but he has served this country in both the military and congress, and he is not a loser.

Twitter seems to agree:

And this is amazing…I love the internet:

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