Pope Francis Just Dropped A Truth Bomb On Donald Trump Via Twitter!

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Despite his years of adultery and poor treatment of women, President Donald Trump captured a large majority of the evangelical vote when he faced off against Sec. Hillary Clinton. Trump has not shown any form of religious tendencies and on his past three weekends in office, he has flown to his beach club in Florida instead of going to church to show contrition and to worship.  While Trump may be able to fool his gullible supporters into believing that he is a man of God, the most powerful and influential Catholic in the world is not interested in allowing Trump to spread his hateful and vile rhetoric without calling him out.

Pope Francis is an avid user of Twitter and he tweeted out a comment which did not name Trump, but it was obvious who Francis was writing about. He wrote:

The Pope has a point which should not go unnoticed by individuals of faith. If those who believe in religion do not practice what they preach they will identify themselves as hypocrites. There is no logical basis for Trump to ban Muslims from entering the United States and to turn a blind eye to such an action, particularly by those of faith, is outrageous. However, many of Trump’s supporters do not appear to have a qualm about having contradictory views.

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