HE’S BACK! Alec Baldwin HUMILIATES Donald Trump’s Australia Call On SNL, “Australia Sucks,Your Reef Is Failing”

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On last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin returned to portray Donald Trump in a blistering cold open, mocking all the top stories that plagued the administration this week.

And for the role of costar in the sketch? “Send in Steve Bannon,” he says, and it comes the evil/death figure, which is being nice quite frankly.

Bannon encouraged Trump to pick up the phone and call a myriad of world leaders; after one such botched phone call with Malcolm Turnbull of Australia, POTUS asks Bannon how badly he messed it up.

“No, it was just according to plan!” replied the evil, heavy-breathing Bannon.

Trump even phones German chancellor Angela Merkel at one point of the sketch (played by Kate McKinnon of course), who excitedly answers the phone with hope: “Barack Obama, I miss you.”

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