George W. Bush SLAMS Donald Trump AGAIN, “I Don’t Like His Racism”

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Former President George W. Bush says he doesn’t like the racial tensions surrounding the early days of Donald Trump’s administration.

Speaking to People Magazine, Bush said:

“Yes, I don’t like the racism and I don’t like the name-calling and I don’t like people feeling alienated. Nobody likes that. On the other hand, we’ve had these periods before. We’ve always had a way to come out of it. I’m more optimistic than some. I’m optimistic about where we’ll end up.”

Bush also said that he thinks that Trump will eventually shed the bruising rhetoric of the 2016 presidential campaign for a more diplomatic demeanor.

“People campaign and then the job’s different when they get in there. This job has a way of bringing reality to each president’s situation and that’s going to happen now.”

He added that he does not feel compelled to assume a more active leadership role one month after the start of Trump’s presidency.

“No. When President Obama got elected, friends would call: ‘You must speak out, you must do this, you must do that. Turns out, other people are doing the same thing this time. I didn’t feel like speaking out before because I didn’t want to complicate the job and I’m not going to this time.”

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