Former Donald Trump Lackey Corey Lewandowski Says Trump’s Administration Is A FAILING MESS

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The presidency of Donald Trump has been anything but ordinary or typical. Since Trump assumed power as the 45th President of the United States he has found himself mired in scandal after scandal, which is morbidly ironic considering Trump’s dependence on attacking former President Obama before he left office. Trump’s attention-grabbing headlines have become so bad for the optics of his administration that even his former campaign manager has had to concede that Trump has done an excellent job of making a fool out of himself.

Trump’s former campaign manager, turned cable news apologist, Corey Lewandowski said of Trump:

I think you have a President who wants to move very quickly, who has a grand vision of what he wants to accomplish and is leaving the details to the staff to implement. The staff has probably not prepared him as well as they could have or should have ever worked inside the government.

Indeed, according to Trump’s former manager who was fired for being inept, the fault is not on Trump but his staff for not being able to tame Trump’s wild ways. That makes a whole lot of sense, no? Trump, himself, is the oldest man to ever be elected to the office of the presidency, but he is the worst of the worst and it is not his fault. It is the fault of his staff for not being able to corral him like one would corral a wild bull. If that is the best argument Trump’s team can come up with they’ve already lost the debate.

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