FEC Says Donald Trump STOLE $12.8 MILLION From His Own Campaign! [DETAILS]

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There is little surprise that Donald Trump has used the powers of his new position as the 45th President of the United States for his own personal gain. In fact, many members of the public who voted for Trump expected him to do so, but they may be shocked to learn just how much Trump is doing.

According to a new report by the Federal Election Commission Trump has pocketed millions of dollars directly from his campaign, which is likely illegal. Trump did not just take the money, but instead he billed himself for a variety of services. For example, if he owned office space, he would rent it out to himself for a premium price of $141,000. It’s not as if Trump would attempt to save his constituents any of their hard earned money, despite his boasts of being such a grand businessman. Trump’s resort, Mar-A-Lago, received a staggering $435,000 and his golf courses received $398,000.

Legally a campaign is forced to pay “fair value” for any services used. The reality is Trump had the ability to decide what the value should have been, and he did not give his supporters a break. After all of the various services were broken down the grand total was over $12.8 million.

Trump paid over $66 million out of his own pocket which to some individuals may seem like a hefty sum, but that money went back to himself! The bellowing about being “self” funded is gibberish to those who pay attention to reading between the lines.

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