Famed Republican Judge Just Called For Trump To Be IMPEACHED, This Could Happen!

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The heat is being turned up on President Donald Trump regarding the litany of allegations flying towards him and his administration. Trump and his team have been accused of colluding with the Russian government and then attempting to cover up their nefarious and treasonous activities. Even staunch members of Trump’s own party have begun to call for an end to the madness including a retired Republican judge named Mark P. Painter who served on the bench dutifully for 30 years.

Painter penned a scathing editorial for the Cincinatti.com where he lays out why Trump is not only a criminal but must be impeached before he destroys the American republic. Painter, in part, wrote:

The phony legalisms Trump has said he used to “separate” himself from his businesses – though he still owns them and his sons are running them – will be cited to make this all acceptable. Horsefeathers. No ethical expert could say with a straight face that this is not a classic conflict of interest.

He went on to describe how Trump has embarrassed himself and the United States in the eyes of the entire world:

The leader of the band of Mad Hatters occupying the White House has already insulted allied world leaders, issued illegal and badly written orders, impugned a “so-called” judge appointed by his own party, and appointed the least-qualified cabinet ever. The first secretary of state was Thomas Jefferson. Trump appointed a big-oil executive with close ties to Russia. The first treasury secretary was Alexander Hamilton. Trump appointed a former Goldman Sachs exec who got rich foreclosing on homeowners. The national security advisor lasted 24 days.

Painter concluded with the only conclusion one can draw from such villainy. Trump must be removed from power:

It’s tough, but we must end this dangerous presidency. Trump must be impeached and removed with all haste. But only Congress can initiate the process.

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