Eric Trump Submits Federal Request To Hire 23 Foreign Workers For His Overly Priced Winery

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President Donald Trump has proved himself to be a cut from the cloth hypocrite who has absolutely no qualms about how his public persona is perceived in the media. Trump does what he wants regardless of the consequences to his rhetoric. For months, Trump has bellowed on endlessly about how he will fight against illegal immigration based on the talking point that he is taking the line of action to protect the jobs of American workers. While that may sound great on the surface, the reality is Trump does not practice what he preaches. Most of the goods which his corporations sell are made outside of the United States. His son, Eric, has learned well from his father and is also seeking to incorporate foreign labor to one of his business ventures as well. How convenient.

Eric Trump owns a winery, known as “Trump Vineyard Estates, LLC”, and he is seeking to staff the business with some foreign workers! Trump has petitioned the labor department to allow him to bring 23 workers to his property to plant and harvest the grapes which are necessary to produce the overly priced wine. These 23 workers are on top of the six workers which were requested through the labor department in December.

It seems for the Trump family, the standards they seek to set are not for them to follow but for every other person. Instead, they get to play by their own rules. The hypocrisy is absolutely staggering.

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