Donald Trump’s Staff Has To Curate News For Him So He Doesn’t Get UPSET, THE MAN IS MAD!

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President Donald Trump has many character flaws, but his inability to tolerate any form of criticism is likely his greatest downfall. Trump’s paper thin skin is a liability for a man who is the most watched and criticized individual in the world.  This often leads him to make reckless decisions of a dubious nature. However, some of Trump’s closest advisers claim to have found a way to keep his monstrously fragile ego in check and their strategy is akin to that of ensuring a toddler does not throw a temper tantrum.

According to Trump’s former Communications Director, Sam Nunberg, the best way to make Trump happy is to keep him inundated with a never-ending heap of praise to fuel his narcissistic demands:

If candidate Trump was upset about unfair coverage, it was productive to show him that he was getting fair coverage from outlets that were persuadable. The same media that our base digests and prefers is going to be the base for his support. I would assume the president would like to see positive and preferential treatment from those outlets and that would help the operation overall.

The statement by Nunberg is a sorry testament to the state of Trump’s mental stability. Hillary Clinton warned about Trump’s temperament during the campaign, saying that Trump having access to nuclear warheads was the worst possible scenario for the world. To keep him under wraps he must be treated with kid gloves.  What a sorry commentary to all individuals who are forced to live under Trump’s regime and influence.

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