Donald Trump’s New FCC Pick Plans To CENSOR And Dismantle The Internet, We Must Stop This!

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The Internet is the last frontier of freedom on the planet, but certain politicians including President Donald J. Trump are attempting to change that. Before Trump came to power there was a large push by Republicans owned wholly by corporate interests to implement a two-tiered system on the Internet called “Net Neutrality.” One for those who paid a large fee, and one for the rest of the world. The individuals who paid more for access would have faster speeds, and those who did not would have their usages limited. This proposal was decried as unfair and was ultimately halted by a combination of activists and judges. However, Trump has now initiated a new nefarious plan that will work in conjunction with his newly appointed member of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC.)

Ajit Pai is Trump’s new inside man on the FCC and they are ideologically the same in their desire to charge individuals more money for basic internet usage. Pai wishes to help Trump end regulations that are preventing Internet companies from generating a higher profit. Such changes would impact users who partake in the services of streaming companies like Netflix, as watching a movie generates much more bandwidth usage than that of a user who merely reads news stories on a regular basis. At this time individuals pay the same price for the Internet regardless of how much bandwidth they use.

There is little which can be done to prevent Pai from implementing his agenda on the behest of Trump, as the FCC is not governed by the same rules as actual legislators. Pai’s job is secure from angry voters, as he was not voted into his position, but rather he was appointed. Now all that is left to do is wait for the hammer to fall.

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