Donald Trump To Hold HUGE RALLY This Weekend While He Vacations At Mar-A-Lago [DETAILS]

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Donald Trump is hitting the campaign trail again, and will appear at a rally in Melbourne, Fla., on Saturday. The event details were posted to his website, and Trump later tweeted the news.

Trump rallies were a constant presence during the 2016 presidential campaign. He often held multiple events per day, dominating the cable news airwaves.

He held a series of campaign-style thank-you rallies after Election Day. Saturday’s event will be Trump’s first rally as president.

It seems that Donald Trump loved campaigning because it gave him the “narcissistic supply” that his fragile ego needs, but now that he’s won and he’s stuck in the relative isolation of the White House and actually having to perform in the political sense, he’s going to be increasingly restless and unhappy (especially if poll numbers continue to go down).

A typical narcissist in such a position will return to wherever he’s gotten narcissistic supply before, but that will be a problem for Trump since campaign events won’t help him now.

The best guess is that he will do increasingly contentious things in an effort — perhaps unconscious — to gain public applause from the same sort of people who flocked to his rallies. The psychology of what’s going on is fascinating.

Do you think it’s appropriate for Trump to have “campaign” rallies after barely three weeks of his first term as President? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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