Donald Trump Taking ANOTHER Vacation, This Time For The Long Presidents Day Weekend, UNBELIEVABLE!

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Donald Trump, who just left Florida YESTERDAY, will be returning to his winter White House at Mar-a-Lago for a third straight weekend.

It’s not confirmed, but Palm Beach County Airports Director Bruce Pelly told about two dozen local officials and business representatives during a meeting this morning that he heard Trump is returning for the President’s Day weekend.

Pelly is attending a meeting with Rep. Lois Frankel and others at the county’s Lantana airport to discuss the impact of federal flight restrictions that effectively shut down the small airport whenever the president visits.

Trump is expected to visit a Boeing facility in South Carolina on Friday as the aerospace company rolls out its first 787-10 Dreamliner.

Donald Trump repeatedly knocked President Obama for taking vacations, and yet here Trump is taking his third weekend jaunt in a row. It is estimated a weekend at Mar-A-Lago costs the taxpayers a minimum of $3 million.

“The habitual vacationer, @BarackObama, is now in Hawaii. This vacation is costing taxpayers $4 milion +++ while there is 20% unemployment,” Trump wrote on Twitter in December 2011 (when the unemployment rate was actually 8.5 percent).

“President @BarackObama’s vacation is costing taxpayers millions of dollars——Unbelievable!” Trump opined again on Twitter a few days later.

That July, he took aim at the first lady: “With 15% US real unemployment and a 16T debt, @Michelle Obama’s luxurious Aspen vacation – her 16th – cost us over $1M.” (The unemployment rate at the time was actually 8.2 percent.)

Adding insult to injury, Baron and Melania Trump have insisted on staying in New York, causing a cost of $1 million a day to New York City. Cumulatively, the enormous resources required to protect the large and often ostentatious Trump family is a whopping $2 million a day.

Why do you think Conservatives don’t call out Trump on his hypocrisy? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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