Donald Trump Said His Rally Was HUGE, And That The Media Wouldn’t Cover It, BUT GUESS WHAT?

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Donald Trump’s campaign-style rally in Florida today was not as well-attended as his previous campaign rally…that was held in the same airplane hangar.

The Melbourne, Florida rally drew a crowd of 9,000 according to local police enforcement.

Melbourne police tweeted, “All attendees now in the AeroMod hangar for the @realDonaldTrump rally. Total attendees at event = 9,000.”

Trump held an identical campaign event at this airport hangar during the general election in September. According to reports, 15,000 people attempted to attend the September rally, but some were turned away.

Trump hit the media at the start of his speech, saying that news outlets probably wouldn’t show his massive crowd size.

“Do you think that one media group, that one network back there will show this crowd? Not One,” Trump said.

However, several networks reportedly showed images of the crowd as Trump exited Air Force One and walked to the podium.

And on a side note, the White House said on Thursday that Air Force One wouldn’t be used as a prop for Trump’s rally. Right!

Do you think Trump should be using Air Force One on his “election” campaign after just a month of having been in office? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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