Donald Trump Just Tweeted Anti-Muslim FAKE NEWS, This Is Not Okay!

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During the presidential campaign of 2016 Donald Trump’s temperament was called into question. Trump has a propensity to overreact to situations and scenarios which other world leaders regularly brush off as part of their daily lives. As Trump’s temperament is faulty it logically follows that his judgment is also questionable. Trump, once again, proved how unprepared he is to be the most powerful and influential man in the world when he took to Twitter to share a fake news story, and in doing so caused an international incident which may have longstanding repercussions.

Trump was fooled into tweeting out a fictitious story about Kuwait because it apparently agreed with him. Trump is never one to shy away from attempting to soak up social praise and he embarrassed himself in the process. The tweet can be observed below:

In an attempt to save face Trump deleted the tweet, but he is the most watched man in the world and the Internet does not forget. The Kuwaiti government issued a response to Trump’s tweet by categorically denying what the article said:

The Twitter behavior of Trump is something which the world has never been forced to deal. A world leader who is to easily tricked is certainly cause for concern, as the moment may arrive in the very near future where Trump makes the wrong decision based on fake information that impacts more than just Twitter.

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