Donald Trump Just Received TERRIBLE News About “Saturday Night Live”, He Can’t Handle This!

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Much to Donald Trump’s chagrin, the American people LOVE Saturday Night Live!

Fifty-two percent of U.S. adults enjoy the impersonations of Trump-administration officials on the NBC show, according to a Morning Consult poll.

Sixty-two percent of respondents say they’ve seen Alec Baldwin’s imitation of Trump. Thirty-three percent say they’ve enjoyed the spoofs and that they should continue, while 19 percent say the sketches are amusing, but the show should focus on other topics.

Sixteen percent have not enjoyed the recent “SNL” sendups of Trump-administration officials, and 31 percent remain uncertain or have no opinion.

Forty-five percent have seen actress Melissa McCarthy caricature White House press secretary Sean Spicer, while 47 percent have not and 8 percent did not know or had no response.

“SNL” clinched its highest ratings in six years with a Feb. 11 episode hosted by Baldwin — his record-setting 17th time as host of the late-night variety show.

Trump, who has repeatedly criticized the show’s spoofs of him and his team, was reportedly irked by a sketch earlier this month that depicted White House chief strategist Steve Bannon manipulating him.

Supposedly, Trump is also displeased that Spicer is being played by a woman.

Never forget:

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