Donald Trump Just Killed Jobs And The Environment In California, And All For REVENGE

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While on the campaign trail, then candidate Donald Trump held rallies where he claimed he would be a champion of the common man. Trump promised that if he was elected he would do whatever he could to ensure that individuals of a lower and middle-class background had a better shake at obtaining the American dream. Now that Trump has actually won the Oval Office, despite the shock of millions, there is little with which Trump can point to that he has enacted of a positive variety. Trump has shown, time and time again, that he is willing to attack projects which would have benefited society. In particular, Trump’s administration has successfully defeated a $647 million project that involved a high-speed rail system.

A spokesperson for “Caltrain”, Seamus Murphy, said of an action taken by Trump’s Transporation Secretary Elaine Chao, “It puts the (electrification) project in serious jeopardy.”

So what happened exactly? A group of 14 Republicans wrote a letter to Chao demanding that all funding for the project be held until a full audit could be completed. Such a process could take years and will hinder any form of growth, or construction in the meantime. Why is an audit being held? Republicans are content to delay progress and it does not matter if their audit comes up empty handed, as they simply seek to thwart the project by any means necessary.

Do you think it is appropriate for the Trump administration to stall the completion of the California rail system? Comment below and let us know.

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