Donald Trump Just Humiliated Himself (And The U.S.) In His First Press Conference With Japanese Prime Minister

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The Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe met with Donald Trump Friday — the second in-person visit between Trump and another global leader (the first being Theresa May of Great Britain).

Obviously excited to speak to a world leader and not damage relations between that country and the United States in the process, Trump shook Abe’s hand rather forcefully. Abe’s expression during and after the handshake incident saying everything we need to know.

Abe is in the United States to smooth things over between Japan and the United States — to build a “relationship of trust,” as he told assembled reporters, according to the BBC.

So far, all seems to have gone well, except for Trump getting angry with a reporter for asking a question about the Ninth Circuit’s ruling against his travel ban. That is, until Trump and Abe shook hands in front of assembled press, and Trump appeared to clutch Abe’s hand, pull Abe’s wrist towards him and jerk Abe forward in his seat, and then seemingly refuse to let go. The handshake lasted 20 seconds, which is much longer than it sounds!

Trump also bizarrely said that Abe had “strong hands,” and then the two leaders took to their podiums to hold a press conference, but Trump forgot to wear his translating earpiece so he had no idea what Abe was saying.

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