Donald Trump Is Trying To Blame His Yemen Military Blunder On Obama, BUT HE WAS CAUGHT!

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President Donald Trump’s first call in launching a military strike was an absolute disaster which saw an American NAVY SEAL killed along with at least 30 dead civilians that included 15 women and children. In an effort to save face for his blunder Trump and his team have been doing their best to bend over backward to blame the mission failure on former President Barack Obama. This doesn’t make sense considering Obama is no longer the commander of the United States military, but facts and logic matter not to Trump and his team.

Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary and chief distributor of propaganda, said the mission was originally planned during Obama’s administration and therefore the failure was not Trump’s fault. However, Obama’s former Deputy Assistant National Security Adviser, Colin Kahl, fired back with a flurry of Twitter posts describing how much of a liar Spicer was to try to shift blame:

When presented with such damning evidence the Trump argument shows how empty it truly is. They’re merely unwilling to state they failed. Spicer even said, “When you look at the totality of what was gained to prevent the future loss of life here in America, against our people and institutions here and around the world … I think it is a successful operation by all standards.”

If one measures success by the death of children, and a brave NAVY SEAL, the American people should be terrified at what the Trump administration would consider a mission failure.

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