Donald Trump Is Quickly Buying Up Websites, Including, He Has Purchased Over 3000!

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The right to protest is one of the most cherished and hallmarked rights in American society. President Donald Trump is not viewed favorably by the majority of the American people. While millions have taken to the streets to show their disgust of Trump, others have taken a different route by creating websites to promote an anti-Trump agenda. The total number of such websites is a shocking amount and shows the amount of disdain Trump has created through his vile rhetoric. People are rightfully alarmed, a Trump administration poses a threat to the basic freedoms of many.

According to CNNMoney there are at least 3,643 websites dedicated to disparaging Trump. The president, who is renowned for his inability to handle criticism, has been making an effort to scrub these various websites from the Internet by using his massive fortune to purchase them all. An individual who owned the website “” found his website had been purchased by Trump after the rights to it expired. Trump has also purchased websites like “” and similar names which may have been used to make fun of him or to point out how much of a villain he truly is.

A senior counselor at “RBB Communications”, Bruce Rubin, who specializes in public relations crisis said Trump knows what he is doing by purchasing the domains:

Whoever bought those domains was already thinking those allegations might be raised. Most reputable organizations do not go out and buy these kinds of websites. Most companies are not going to engage in activities that would cause this kind of blowback.

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