Donald Trump Is Looking To Stop The Use Of LEGAL Marijuana (So Much For States Rights!)

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President Donald Trump has been described as the greatest threat to democracy the United States has ever faced, and comments from his Press Secretary certainly underline the justifiable reasons as to why. It seems that in his never ending pursuit of angering members of the American electorate, the Trump administration is taking steps to recriminalize marijuana in states that have decriminalized possession.

According to Sean Spicer’s comments during a White House press briefing:

I do believe you’ll see greater enforcement of it. Because again there’s a big difference between the medical use that’s very different than the recreational use, which is something the Department of Justice will be further looking into.

Trump’s reasoning for following this idiotic policy line is that marijuana is used by millions of Americans, and with decriminalization there are less individuals filling up jails. With fewer jails having their occupancy rates met, the individuals who own the jails are seeing less of a profit. This is a hand in hand policy that shows how Trump is not in favor of justice, but is, forever and always, in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

Perhaps Trump would have greater success in balancing his own mood swings and abhorrent temper if he were to find himself stoned once in a while.

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