Donald Trump Is Heading To Mar-A-Lago Again This Weekend, And It GETS WORSE! [DETAILS]

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Donald Trump is planning his fourth presidential visit to Mar-a-Lago this weekend.

On Monday, the Federal Aviation Administration warned pilots to expect restrictions around Orlando and Palm Beach that typically accompany Trump’s visits: Flight restrictions 0f about 35 miles and an even stricter restriction of about 11 nautical miles.

Last week, the FAA warned pilots to expect Trump-level flight restrictions around Palm Beach from this Friday through Sunday. The announcement is similar to earlier guidance that presaged a Trump visit.

Let’s forget about the hypocrisy, since Trump often criticized President Obama for taking vacations.

Trump’s visits to Mar-A-Lago will only be increasing, as he is now building a helipad for Marine One so he can visit more often.

More from Page Six:

We’re told the 40- to 50-foot-wide dirt pit on the west lawn is currently surrounded by bright orange construction posts. But club insiders say that members are willing to put up with the eyesore, because they hope it will reduce the traffic that is caused when the president’s motorcade rolls though.

“Even if you live a block away, it can take an hour and a half to get into the club when Trump’s in town, with all the security and extra traffic.”

It’s unclear who would foot the bill for such an endeavor, if true. The helipad would prove to be beneficial to locals who would avoid major traffic tie-ups as the president motorcade rolls through.

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