Donald Trump Can’t Get ANY Celebrities To Attend The White House Correspondents Dinner, It’s Like The Inauguration, ONLY WORSE!

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During the presidential campaign of 2016, Donald Trump made it a point to alienate nearly every media outlet as well as declare war on celebrities from Hollywood. Now that Trump has won and is the 45th President of the United States, he has received nothing short of a chilly reception from his vanquished foes. The trouble now becomes how will Trump fare against the optics of being shunned by the nation’s biggest celebrities when it comes time to host the White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner?

A media executive, who asked to remain anonymous, said:

There will be minimal celebrities in that room. It’s going to be difficult to get any talent to b there.

It was Trump’s own senior adviser, Steve Bannon, who was once arrested for beating his wife, that said the media is considered the “opposition party” and that they would do well to sit down and be quiet. Such is the case now that Trump is preparing to host a party for the very people he called his opposition and asked not to speak.

However, Trump is all but assured to attempt to spin the sparsely attended event with a bit of gusto. This point has been echoed by a D.C. bureau chief who said, “The dinner has just been terribly overcrowded. So maybe we’ll have a little more room to move this year.” Indeed, one can imagine that being Trump’s preferred line of attack. He didn’t invite as many people so that the members of the media and the celebrities he did get to come would have more room for their legs. If any person believes that they should also look into buying a bridge which is only accessible via a stalk grown from magic beans.

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