Malia Obama Caught Partying With Rich Friends In Aspen, Conservatives Go On DISGUSTING Racial Attack, THIS IS NOT OKAY

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Malia Obama was spotted skiing and attending a party in Aspen, Colorado over the weekend, and for some bizarre reason, conservatives are furious.

Malia Obama is currently working as an intern at the Weinstein company, and was spotted at Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro on Highland Mountain with her friends, including Elizabeth, Zachary and Holden Tisch, Tassilo von Furstenberg, Brice Lourd and Audrey Kotick.

The group were drinking water for their afternoon seating at the popular restaurant, but nearby a group of close to 100 were spraying over 200 bottles of Veuve Clicquot while dancing on tables, some shirtless. Conservatives are not happy.

Many of Malia’s friends pictured below¬†are very wealthy, and conservatives are not happy about that either.

As soon as the photos hit, conservatives went mad, and broke out with some horrible racist comments:

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