CNN Makes HUGE Anti-Trump Statement, Prepare For Donald Trump To EXPLODE!

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President Donald Trump has been attempting to assault the viewership and ethics of the cable network CNN,  coining the phrase “fake news” to describe CNN’s programming with which he disagrees. However, Trump’s feeble attempts have completely backfired to an epic fail. CNN have stated their ratings have increased dramatically despite Trump’s bullying. Whoops!

The president of CNN, Jeff Zucker, says he has to thank Trump for all of the free publicity, “They wear those insults as a badge of honor, because it means they are doing their jobs. I would say that morale is incredibly high … They are not being intimidated, they are not backing down, they know they have my full support and it is a very exciting time, frankly, to be a journalist at CNN.

Zucker went on to say that CNN is stronger than ever before, “There has been no diminution whatsoever. The CNN brand is as strong as it has ever been. Incredibly trusted. And we have seen no impact whatsoever in all those attacks on the CNN brand.”

All of Trump’s attempts have failed – it is glorious to observe. Without his trademark fiery rhetoric to back him up, Trump has proved himself to be impotent to stop media networks from covering him how they choose, rather than how Trump would prefer which is to show him in a glowing light. At the end of the day, Trump has only himself to blame for all of his troubles and it appears the battle between CNN and himself will not be dying down anytime in the future.


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