CNN Just Called Out Kellyanne Conway For Lying, SHE’S TOAST!

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The feud between President Donald Trump’s administration and the mainstream media is reaching a fevered pitch, particularly as it relates to CNN. Trump previously shouted at a CNN reporter during a press conference calling the network “fake news.” Later Trump’s press secretary announced the administration would not be sending representatives to the network to speak because they were only allowing networks which helped to advance the administration’s agenda. However, Trump and his team quickly reversed course on this and offered to allow Trump’s adviser Kellyanne Conway to appear on CNN’s Sunday program “State of the Union.” CNN declined to allow Conway on the network, but Conway says they are lying.

Trump’s admonishment of CNN is blowing up in his face as CNN has decided to push back rather than take Trump’s abuse. Conway took to Twitter to deny that CNN refused an invitation for her to appear. She tweeted:

CNN was unwilling to play Conway’s game and they responded to her directly and implied that she, and not them, were lying:

For far too long the media has been rendered toothless by the Trump administration, but that will no longer be the case. Now the media is fighting back against Trump and for good reason — they are a large part of the reason why he won the election!

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