Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Isn’t Having Trump’s BIZARRE Handshake, This Is FANTASTIC!

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On Monday, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau visited Donald Trump at the White House. After a predictably awkward handshake and a presumably even more uncomfortable chat between the two, Trump held out his hand for Trudeau to shake — and, for a split second, Trudeau just stared at it blankly.

It was only a moment. Trudeau, ever the statesman, swiftly took Trump’s hand and allowed the president to shake it exuberantly. But he hesitated, and, fortunately, a gazillion and one photographers were on hand to capture that exact moment of hesitation.

“Really?” Trudeau’s eyes are telegraphing as he gazes upon Trump’s outstretched hand. “I mean, really? I have to do this now?”

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