California Requested Federal Disaster Relief, Trump’s Response Is DISGUSTING!

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The spiteful nature of President Donald Trump is well known as Trump has bragged that he takes great pleasure in extracting revenge against those who have, or who he perceives to have, slighted him. That is fine for a private citizen, but Trump is now the 45th President of the United States and he has a responsibility to help the people under whom he serves. This contradiction in philosophy is on full display with how Trump has treated the people of California and their requests for disaster relief.

The governor of California, Jerry Brown, has pleaded with the Federal Government to provide funding to help subsidize the state’s damage suffered due to Winter storms. When it comes to decided what states are granted disaster aid, it ultimately falls to President Donald Trump and he has been dragging his feet. While this is entirely legal for Trump to do, and he is under no legal obligation to provide anything to California, his inaction is correctly seen as mean spirited.

Republican Congressman Tom McClintock has spoken out about Trump’s inaction and said, ““I don’t think he’s doing honor for the state of California, but that’s between him and the voters.” McClintock’s constituents were hit particularly hard by the Winter storms. If Trump chooses to do nothing and allows the people of California to suffer it will likely not cost him many long-term supporters as he lost California to Secretary Hillary Clinton by millions of votes which might explain why he is not in a hurry to do the state any favors.

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