Breitbart News Gets DEVASTATING News, People Are NOT Willing To Accept Their Hate [DETAILS]

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Breitbart News is facing a serious advertiser boycott, and it’s becoming worse by the DAY.

Another 100 companies have reportedly pulled their advertising from the far-right news site, as the momentum builds behind a grassroots campaign calling on advertisers to boycott the site.

Audi, Visa, T Mobile and Lufthansa have joined the growing list of companies to withdraw, according to Sleeping Giants, the group behind the campaign, which claims that at least 1,250 advertisers no longer wish to be associated with it.

Campaigners have successfully encouraged Twitter users to name and shame companies who advertise on the site by posting screenshots of Breitbart ads.

In an effort to combat dwindling ad revenue, Breitbart appears to be attempting to re-brand as a more moderate platform.

Recent hires from mainstream publications like The Wall Street Journal and The Hill website, indicate editors will be focusing on straight news reporting and moving away from its notoriously fiery comment pieces.

Comment pieces published on the alt-right site include “Political Correctness Protects Muslim Rape Culture” and “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy”.

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