White House Gives Kellyanne Conway BAD NEWS, She’s Done On TV Because She’s A LIAR

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According to CNN, the White House has pulled Kellyanne Conway from appearing on television, because she’s unable to keep her “facts” straight.

Conway has not appeared on television since remarking last week that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn offered to resign in the wake of his scandal surrounding his discussion of sanctions with a Russian ambassador.

That same day, however, the White House officially said Donald Trump asked Flynn to resign. Conway was “off message,” a White House source told CNN.

“Clearly they’re having much more of a drama-free week,” another source close to the White House said. “Having Kellyanne off television is helping them.”

Conway had also come under fire the week prior for openly promoting Ivanka Trump’s clothing line during an interview with Fox News—an ethical violation, as suggested by the House Oversight Committee’s bipartisan leadership.’

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