BREAKING: Trump’s Top Adviser Steve Bannon Reveals His Plans To DESTROY The Government From The Inside

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When President Donald Trump first appointed the former boss of, Steve Bannon, to his cabinet it caused many to turn their heads in wonderment and disgust. Bannon has no experience in the government sector and has proven himself to be entirely out of his depth. This is to say nothing of Bannon’s inherent and abhorrent racism against any individual who does not identify as Christian or white. During his time at, Bannon regularly featured stories which had racist concepts for which he has not apologized. In fact, he is rather proud of himself. Now that Bannon spoke at CPAC, his agenda for Trump’s presidency has become clearer and it should frighten everybody.

Bannon spoke about the process in which Trump chose his cabinet secretaries. In a rare moment of honesty, Bannon admitted that Trump’s nominees were selected not because they would be good at their jobs, but because they would be good at destroying the offices in which they served:

If you look at these Cabinet nominees, they were selected for a reason, and that is deconstruction.

The Trump administration has now declared open war against thinking people in the United States. They have stated, with clear intention, that they do not seek to serve anybody but their own agenda. In having a dysfunctional government, the Trump administration will be freer to continue to break the law and pursue profit which is the only matter which concerns Trump.

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