BREAKING: Senate Republicans Tell Donald Trump To Withdraw Andrew Puzder As Labor Secretary Pick [UPDATE: Puzder Is OUT]

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According to CNN reporter Manu Raju, senior Senate Republicans have urged the White House to withdrawn Andrew Puzder’s nomination as labor secretary as they may not have enough votes to confirm him.

“I’m told by a senior Republican source that there are four republican who will definitely vote ‘no’ on Puzder and there can be no more than two defections in order for him to get confirmed,” Raju reported on-air Wednesday afternoon.

“In addition, I’m hearing there are as many as 12 Republicans that can vote ‘no.’” Some Republican senators were reportedly “alarmed” by a tape of Puzder’s ex-wife telling Oprah Winfrey in 1990 about her husband’s alleged domestic abuse.

Furthermore, CNN reported, the lawmakers see a liability in the fast-food executive’s history of employing an undocumented immigrant in his household for years and not paying taxes until much later.



CBS and Fox News are both reporting that sources expect Andrew Puzder to ask the White House to withdraw his nomination as Labor Secretary.

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